Hi there, my name is Debra Bassett, I am PhD candidate at the University of Warwick.  My research is looking at how the Internet is offering people the ability to create digital memories with blogs, vlogs and social network sites and how these digital memories may affect the way people grieve.  

  • I am interested in interviewing people who are creating these digital memories in the hope they will be read or viewed by future generations.

  • I am interested in interviewing people who are blogging through illness or dementia, and how the creation of digital memories may be helping in traumatic times.

  • I am also researching people who have 'inherited' digital memories following the loss of a loved one, or people who are creating digital memories of someone who has died.

The fact that we are all going to die is an undisputable reality of the human condition. Whilst the beginning of our lives are celebrated, discussed and chronicled, death and dying have become medicalized, sanitized and whispered about in many Western cultures.

New technologies such as smart phones are rapidly becoming part of people‚Äôs everyday routines. However, some people are using these technologies to deal with issues of death, dying and grieving and even more importantly living.  It is these people I would like to involve in my research.

 Interested in my research into digital afterlives? Why not come and see me in conversation with Elaine Kasket at the British Science Festival on September 10th 2019 at Warwick University. It's completely free!